Thursday, 23 April 2009

How to wear a Bra

Ok, so it sounds simple if not stupid, and it's a little late into the blog, but better late than never, right?
I was going to do a video with me putting on a bra, but I don't want to give any of you the wrong impression, I still want you to be interested in my blog! Ha Ha!
So, pay attention to this, because you'd be surprised at the things women don't do when putting on a bra!

What do you call yours?

I know that breasts have nicknames, but lately I've heard all the names possible. Breasts can be called different names from 'fun bags', 'jolly jugs' for big breasts, and 'jolly jigglers' for smaller ones,'headlights' 'jugs', to the common ones like, 'boobies', and 'twins'. But I now know that it doesn't stop there. Breasts can now be associated with fruits!?, Yes, thats right. Fruits. Depending on size and shape, the names range from, lemon, orange, cantaloupe, and waterlemon! That's just unheard of, but I can see the pun behind it.
I call my breasts Mary Kate and Ashley (from the Olsen Twins), but now, size wise on the fruit chart, My jolly jugs are probably on the watermelon side!

What do you call yours, or have you heard the twins be called anything else?

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

The real McCoy Vs Silicone.

Ok, so we all know that breasts can take many, different forms, like asymectric breasts , saggy breasts and many others. But the most obvious types of breasts that we see on a daily basis are - The real McCoy, a.k.a real natural breasts and Silicone breasts, commonly known as boob job/surgically enhanced breasts.
The worlds biggest natural breast reported to date belongs to a woman named 'Norma Stitz', with a world record size of 56WW, Never thought that was humanly possible, but what isn't??

The world biggest surgically enhanced breast belongs to a brazilian model called 'Sheyla Hershey', with a record breaking 38KKK! That is a dangerous size!!

Until I heard about this, I thought glamour model, Jordan was as big as they got....but after seeing that It makes my breasts look like chicken fillets in comparison, so I must say I'm happy, and so should you big chested ladies out there, because I reckon our back pain must feel like heaven to the likes of these two.

Bigger British Breasts!

Over the last two years, the UK has seen a growth spurt in breast sizes.In 2007, the average bra size in the UK was 36C, however, in the present day, it is considerably more.
The reason for this..? Doctors have deliberated over many different answers, ranging from the contraceptive pill, to a change in diet, to even being a genetic change. Whatever it may be, the British women aren't getting any smaller! So what do you think about this? I personally, say 'Go Ladies, Big is Beautiful!'.But seriously, it is something to think about, I remember my very 1st training bra, and lets just say it wasn't an actual training bra...
If women's bra sizes are increasing, we may need to slow down, to avoid them being linked to obesity, and besides how big can Big get??

According to statistics, British girls have the biggest boobs in Europe.YAY!We are Voluptuous!

This is followed by Denmark, The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Sweden,Greece, Switzerland,Austria and last on the list is Italy!

What not to wear!

Being top heavy, I like to think I've experienced my fair share of pros and cons that come with it. But my main problem isn't that I can't find the same pretty bras as someone who's a 34C, my main problem is that I can't wear the same style clothes as them.
Don't get me wrong, I love my body and my shape and I do appreciate that we all have things that we can emphasise, which others can't. But simple clothes like halternecks,backless dresses, strap tops, boob tubes, and the most obvious difficulty is SHIRTS! almost all these everyday outfits are a 'bitch' to wear properly.And I don't know about you, but the reason why I find these outfits such a hinderance is because it's hard to find if not that there isn't bras to fit these tops, and which woman doesn't want to look good!? What other style of clothes do you find difficult to wear, due to lack of bras and support??

Thursday, 16 April 2009

It's not just women who have it!....

When you ask any boy, or even a man, if he'd like to have breasts, more times than not, you get an enthusiastic 'Yes' for an answer. But, for some men, that is more if a true saying, than that of a one time wish.
Gynaecomastia (a mouthful, yes) or 'man boobs' as it's commonly known, is a common condition in teenage boys, where, firm, tender breast tissue grows under the nipples. The condition is usually caused by an imbalance of hormones during puberty and can disappear without treatment after a couple of years.

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Fun facts about Your Set!

So it's another list, but at least it's fun and informative, right? But most importantly, it's true facts about your bosom buddies! Some, most women are aware of, and if not, then you learn something new everyday! So, did you know? :
 Your breasts can get out of shape when you sleep - Apparently the best way to sleep, in order to avoid mishape, is to sleep on your side, with a pillow under them for support. My guess is, this is for the heavy chested woman, to make sure one isn't facing the south, whilst the other is down in the west! hahaha!
Your breasts HATE to bounce around - Yes, that is right. Running and aerobics(and juggling them at boys too!) can cause your breasts to bounce around, and without the right supportive bra, it will cause your breasts to sag and give you breast pain the next day, so be sure to see the post below(what are the different types of bras?) wear the right bra, to keep your youthful pert breasts for as long as you possibly can.
Your cleavage is not determined by breast size - This one i love, because it simply means; the bigger the boobs does NOT mean the bigger the cleavage. Two women with same cup size may not always have the same cleavage. Women with breasts that are fuller in the middle will have a bigger cleavage.
And Finally ......
One breast is usually bigger than the other - But then, we probably all knew that! Even if it's not written in a special breast - know it all book! Your breasts will never be the exact same size, and apparently, it's usually the left breast which is slightly bigger.However, most cases show that the difference is ever so slight, you may not notice! So, don't panic, you don't need to go out and get special bras made, where one's a 36D and the other, a 38F!YET!